Poetry and red-rumped swallow


Spring 2012 in Portugal, early in the morning in the coastal village of Cacela Velha. Poet Ibn Darrai Al Qastalli (958-1030) of Moroccan descent once lived here. The few streets in this village are all named after poets. / Lente 2012 in Portugal, vroeg in de ochtend in het dorp Cacela Velha. De dichter Ibn Darraj Al Qastalli (958-1030) van Marokkaanse afkomst woonde hier lang geleden. De straten van dit kleine dorp aan de kust waren alle genoemd naar dichters.

Cacela Velha
Cacela Velha


IMG_9327“Say to Spring: Spread out your mantle of clouds and fill the sails with wind over the places where my childhood games took place. Don’t stay away o Spring, as my tears are flowing after you in long waves. Mix the perfume of my welcome with the moisture of your cloud and sprinkle it on all those whom I love.”

Red-rumped swallows flying around. / Roodstuitzwaluwen vlogen er rond.


Lucky that they sometimes took a rest on a wire. / Gelukkig rustten ze soms even uit op deze draad.




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