About photo blog Gerie Hermans

I hope to learn more about photography by starting this blog and to find out more about what I like in a photo. The blogposts are also a way to bring treasured moments and memories together and save them.

Making macro photo’s take me into a magic world and it is a pleasure and it excites me that there is so much more to see when you have a long and close look at things. Zooming out and photographing landscape I find challenging. This may be the question: where and when to zoom in and when to zoom out. When to perceive from a far and when to look inside, to view things at a very close distance.

More and more I plan what I want to photograph and come back to a situation more than once although I keep on being surprised and loving this too. Light in it self is a surprise every moment of the day.

Photographing birds is a different activity all together. It is a great challenge to be ready to photograph a bird before it takes off again and to decide on the right diaphragm and shutter time in a split second. But also here I can find out more about the life of the bird and prepare myself. Also this is a question: when to be surprised and when to be prepared.

I still have to learn a lot about technique. Technique means chaos for me. I can get extremely confused, but sometimes I experience the pleasure of taking photo’s without being frustrated by technique. Sometimes I am well prepared and well focussed. Sometimes I am lucky to be at the right time in the right place and pressing the right buttons.

I use a 400mm ft 5.6 telelens, a 24-70 mm ft 2.8 wide angle lens and a 100mm ft 2.8 macrolens, a crop camera and recently also a full frame camera.

Waiting in Finland for the waxwings to land in the snow.
Gerie bij orchideetje
Photographing an orchid in the Extremadura.

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